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- NTP official reference implementation (for Unix and Unix-like OSes, with ports to Microsoft Windows NT, VMS, real-time OSes like VxWorks and QNX, etc...). Also jumping-off point to the official NTP documentation and FAQ, community documentation tools (twiki),, and related project

Description: Vendor: Introduction to NTP
- Four page document that gives a very simple high-level overview of how NTP works and some of the issues to be considered when looking to set up NTP time servers. This company is a vendor of NTP time servers and related hardware. [PDF

Description: Flawed Routers Flood University of Wisconsin Internet Time Server
- Report by Dave Plonka on the massive problems caused on the University of Wisconsin network and time servers, due to misconfiguration of NetGear equipmen

Description: RFC2030 - Simple Network Time Protocol Version 4
- The current standard for SNTP, a version of the protocol for implementations which do not need all of the features of NTP. Available here in HTML, PDF, and Postscript formats

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